How long does it take to clear customs?

The warehouse is front-line to the airport runways. Electronic customs clearance is carried out immediately on arrival. This can take from a few minutes to a few hours, depending on the type of clearance, and any inspections or controls by the authorities.

How to order ?

Connect to the all-in-one integrated system developed by our teams, order online, the transfer of information is dematerialized and you benefit from a real-time follow-up.

What taxes do I have to pay to import goods from outside Europe?

VAT and customs duties. Please note that taxes are applied to different types of imported goods.

Why is my package being held up by customs?

In order to carry out the tasks entrusted to the customs administration by the legislator, and to detect customs fraud, customs officers are authorized to inspect goods, means of transport and persons, on the basis of article and persons, on the basis of article 60 of the Customs Code. These inspections are carried out in compliance with the instructions drawn up by the customs administration to ensure respect for the individual and the rules applicable to confidentiality. confidentiality rules.

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