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Clear Express offers you quality services and comprehensive expertise in international logistics and customs clearance.

Ground Handling - GHA

  • Bonded warehouse management
  • Ground operations
  • Ground handling supervision in French/English/Mandarin Chinese in real time
  • Import and export freight handling
  • Guaranteed safety with controlled processing and storage
  • Control of aircraft safety and punctuality
  • Customs transit


  • 8400 m² bonded warehouse + 5000 m² logistics warehouse
  • Air and sea freight
  • Handling cross-border commercial freight
  • Door-to-door service (EXW/DDU/DDP/DAP
  • Loading and transportation of palletized and bulk goods
  • Warehousing and distribution

Customs clearance

  • 8400 m² IST (Temporary Storage Facility) warehouse: high operating capacity
  • 24/7 service from our experts
  • High-performance customs clearance
  • Immediate processing of inspected packages


  • Bonded transport
  • Dangerous and oversized goods
  • EU-wide transport
  • Efficient distribution to last mile
  • Condition monitoring for BtoB
  • Truck loading

Ground Handling - GHA

Cargo is ready for storage as soon as the aircraft arrives, thanks to our 8,400 m² bonded warehouse located right next to the runways, in cargo zone 3 at CDG airport.

Clear Express offers you a range of Ground Handling services from the moment your flight arrives: on-site supervision, real-time status updates (in English, French and Mandarin Chinese), loading and unloading of freight, warehouse operations, as well as cargo transfer options, and much more. loading and unloading, warehouse operations, cargo transfer options, and much more.

Full service - the only specialized cargo management service for Chinese airlines at CDG airport.

After passing a rigorous GHA qualification assessment, CLEAR EXPRESS became one of the only cargo stores at CDG airport, and the only company at CDG to provide a GHA service staffed by by Chinese professionals. Our seasoned experts will guarantee you a smooth and complete international logistics solution.

Every second counts - greatly reduced storage time

CLEAR EXPRESS offers a complete range of services including GHA, customs clearance and bonded warehouse operations, located directly opposite the runways. As soon as the aircraft arrives at CDG, our GHA team can route the goods directly to our bonded warehouse, considerably optimizing the warehousing process.

Import - Export

Clear Express has an 8400 m²bonded warehouse and a and a 5000 m² logistics warehouse in the heart of CDG airport. The former is located opposite the runway, so that goods can be picked up directly in the warehouse as soon as they arrive, and the latter has a very high processing capacity, enabling us to optimize our logistics operations. the second, with its high processing capacity, enables us to optimize the efficiency of each link in the chain, and deliver parcels as quickly as possible to the final distributors/destinaries.

With a very high rate of air imports and exports, in addition to scheduled flights, we operate 6 weekly fixed round-trip flights between China and France to meet your international transport needs. needs. At the heart of CDG airport, our transport service also extends to continental Europe.

Customs clearance

Clear Express has a comprehensive range of customs declaration references to meet the needs of goods of various values and clearance methods, all with remarkable speed. With our 8400 m² bonded warehouse, we offer considerable capacity and increased speed for high-volume customs clearance.

A team of customs clearance experts with over 30 years' experience to meet your customs clearance needs:

Different types of customs clearance

H7 for low-value goods
Delta X for high-value and mixed-value goods
Delta G generally used in BtoB
Delta T for goods in transit in Europe - T1

Reliable customs clearance for large volumes

Our experts strictly control the customs declaration process to avoid risks and standardize operations. Currently we clear over 4 million declarations a month. 


5000 m² logistics warehouse with extensive distribution capabilities

From transshipment of bonded goods to last-mile delivery, Clear Express offers efficient, reliable transport services tailored to your needs.

We have our own business account with La Poste/Colissimo, and work closely with numerous final delivery service providers, such as Chronopost, DHL, Colis Privé, FedEx, DPD, etc. This enables us to offer you a wide range of delivery options.

Clear Express is the ideal solution for your international business.

Customs management in import and export operations is certainly one of the most daunting aspects for any e-business looking to expand its online store internationally. Clear Express offers comprehensive services for individuals (B2C/B2B2C) and companies (B2B), depending on the form of e-commerce, ensuring that your international business runs smoothly and simple.

Based at Charles de Gaulle airport, we benefit from an exceptional geographical location, extensive coverage of the European continent and advantageous rates for both import and export air freight. We offer comprehensive cross-border services to meet your international commercial freight needs. In addition to our airfreight expertise, we have extensive experience in handling all types of all types of international freight, including containerized and bulk ocean freight.

We offer a wide range of products, complete geographical coverage and total control of your last-mile shipments. We bring your company closer to your customers by combining operational quality, the efficiency of our information solutions and the excellence of our customer relations services.

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